Business Integrity – transparent and responsible supply and value chain

Our Approach

Metals X is committed to conducting business in line with our company values of Integrity, Honesty, Accountability and Commitment.

We are committed to protecting and enhancing shareholder value, conducting business ethically and in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance.

Mining Responsibly

Metals X is committed to the responsible and sustainable mining of mineral resources. The Bluestone Mines Tasmania Joint Venture (BMJTV) is a member of the International Tin Association. The BMTJV follows ANCOLD guidelines for tailings dam design and risk management.

Supply Chain Integrity

Metals X has committed to work with suppliers and customers to support end users and demonstrate its product is traceable and transparent in its stage of the supply chain process.

To achieve its Business Integrity commitment, Metals X will:

  • Conduct business operations and practices in line with our company values.
  • Identify the cost of GHG emissions per tonne of ore.
  • Ensure the timely and transparent reporting of environmental breaches and associated environmental impacts.
  • Support for the abolishment of anti-slavery and anti-money laundering.